Saturday, June 16, 2012

More interesting Facebook: Multiple logins & passwords for a FB account

As you all know that the time has changed and the social networking has taken the most important place in youth’s life. Facebook- a leading name in the social media network is available with more than 900 million users.
A Facebook account generally has one username & one password for each account but we have come with multiple logins & password options for you. Normally you have to enter your email in username field and the password in password field. Now we will discuss all the alternatives for the usernames:
First: You always use the email id for entering in the username field like
Second: You can use your username for this field like “teniyalgarg” or ”teniyal741” which you have. If you don’t have, create one by clicking at setting.
Third: You can use another option instead of email id is mobile number like “9015353901”.
Now we talk about your password alternatives for your Facebook network. Everyone keeps a unique password for his account. I also have such kind of password like “TeniyalGARG741”. You can use your password in three different ways:-
First: you can simply type your original password as this “TeniyalGARG741”.
Second: You may use a different like “teniyalGARG741”. If you have a capital alphabetical letter at starting in your password then you have to use small letter for this like above.
Third: You are also authorized to use like this “tENIYALgarg741”. It means all the capital letters are replaced by small letters & all the small letters are replaced by capital letters.
Using any of the alternatives, you can login to your Facebook account & enjoy the social networking with your friends. Facebook has become the most powerful social network used by people as well as by businesses.
Teniyal Garg is a student of MCA 2nd year as well as he is a SEO Professional in a SEO Firm. You can follow him by his twitter network or make friend by his Google plus network.

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