Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Is On-Page SEO

On-page SEO mainly related to tweaking the website’s code, choosing the right keywords and optimizing the contents to make the site more attractive & reputable to the search engines like Google and others. that means to designing the website according to search engine friendly way. For example the title of a page can be changed to target a specific set of keywords that have a low amount of competing sites. Keywords can be placed within the text of a particular website that cause the search engines to consider the site as relevant for the persons that search for the keyword which is targeting by a particular site.

During on page SEO,Meta tag is neccessory for helping the search engines to understand the name of a website’s pages, know the contents of the pages and understand how to treat each page when indexed. Each page should has a unique description. Title tags also should be unique & descriptive. Keywords should be placed in the title tags. Description tag provides a description of a website or webpage. Description should be accurate and compelling. Keyword tag should include the main keyword. Try to target the best keyword using keyword research. After having a list of keywords, start mapping the important keywords to URL. URLs should be short. The search engine treats static URLs differently than dynamically. Hyphens are best to use in the URLs to separate the terms.Internet linking is a important SEO on page optimization technique. Make sure to use anchor text in the internal links. This is a important & free opportunity to inform the people and search engines what the varios pages of a site have. When the search engine reads a website, reading is started from first sentence and match the keyword within the first sentence. Remember to give a keyword in such a way that it's as early as possible in the first sentence as well.

By making efforts in on page SEO there is no need to concentrate so much on the off page SEO efforts. There is also no requirement to do as much blog commenting, article marketing, social bookmarking and other strategies. Both optimizing the content on a site as well as backlinking strategies are so important but optimizing on the site from the beginning, will be a easier task to rank for the keywords with a less effort.With the proper application of on page optimization and spending some focused effort will obtain the best results and will play big dividends in the long run. Please visit garg-seoworld.blogspot.in

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